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The Chicharones at Reef


To name your band after a fried pork fat snack, you either have no idea what a Chicharone is or you have a serious sense of humor. The Chicharones' Sleep of Old Dominion and Josh Martinez know exactly what a Chicharone is.

Since 2006's When Pigs Fly, the Portland, Ore.-based hip-hop duo has worked like mad on other projects. Martinez (who is huge in Canada) paid homage to Hunter S. Thompson with a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-esque video. Martinez hilariously channeled his idol for the insidiously addictive track "Underground Pop" off of his 2008 release, World Famous Sex Buffet. Sleep has been busy, too, releasing Hesitation Wounds in 2009, a groovy, orchestrated, futuristic, retro (listen for Real Life's "Send Me An Angel" in "Talk About It") CD.

Stick the two MC/singer/songwriters together and you get the funny, foxy, far-out Chicharones. Back them with a live band and you get a big crazy, crunchy bowl of hip-hop. Can somebody bring the hot sauce?

Friday, April 30, 10 p.m., $5. Reef, 105 S. Sixth St.,