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The Celtic Festival and Highland Games Return to Boise

Saturday, Sept. 17 at Expo Idaho


With their burly ginger beards, solid build and boulder-hurling abilities, Scots are among the few who manage to make a plaid skirt look macho. If you want to join your manly Scottish brethren and kick it in a breezy kilt this weekend, there's no better place than the Treasure Valley Celtic Festival and Highland Games at Expo Idaho.

On Saturday, Sept. 17, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Scottish American Society of the Treasure Valley will host an array of athletic competitions, including the famed caber toss, where athletes hurl a long tapered tree through the air. The festival will also include ample bagpipe music and competitions along with traditional Scottish folk dancing demonstrations.

Entertainment this year comes from acts like Swagger, Heathen Highlanders, City of Trees Pipe Band, Celtic Sisters Folk Bank, An Buille, and Thistle and Ghillies Scottish Dancers.

Advance tickets for the Celtic Festival and Highland Games can be purchased at Aquatic Supply, located at 1925 N. Wildwood.

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