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The Cave Singers Come to Boise

Wednesday, June 26 at Neurolux


As the folk revival rages on in the indie music scene, many bands continue to look backward, aping the sound and look of Dust Bowl Okies and all things Woody Guthrie.

Despite its Neolithic name, one group going a different direction is The Cave Singers.

Formed from the ashes of post-punk icons Pretty Girls Make Graves, the Seattle folk act has an unmistakably modern sound. The stripped-raw folk shuffle endures, but bluesy song structures are replaced with more oblique melodies and indie rock drone sections.

"Dancing on Our Graves," from the band's 2007 album, Invitation Songs, sounds dystopian in the best possible way--like Nero playing a washboard as Rome burns.

The band's latest release, Naomi, has a warmer, less threatening feel, but it still sounds both undeniably folksy and undeniably modern.