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The Cabin Presents Susan Orlean

Tuesday, March 11


Dogs. Few creatures in the world are more agreeable than man's best friend. A mystical, ancient bond that has developed between humans and canines over millennia, something author Susan Orlean both celebrates and confirms in her bestselling novel Rin Tin Tin: The Life and The Legend. As one reviewer wrote, Orlean weaves "history, war, show business, humanity, wit, and grace into an incredible story about...the countless ways we would be lost without dogs by our sides."

Hear what Orlean herself has to say about her work when she reads at the Egyptian Theatre.

Presented by The Cabin, Orlean's reading kicks off the 2014 season of Readings and Conversations, a series aimed at presenting unique perspectives on life and writing, as seen through the eyes of internationally acclaimed authors.

Orlean is no one-trick pony. An accomplished staff writer for The New Yorker, she also wrote the bestselling 1998 novel The Orchid Thief, which chronicles the dark underbelly of borderline criminal flower activity. In order to capture the details, Orlean spent months shadowing a (crazed?) flower fanatic in search of the elusive ghost orchid. The protagonist, alternately described as "deeply eccentric" yet "oddly attractive," moves through a hidden world of Florida flower lovers that few have ever encountered.

Beyond reading excerpts, Orlean will also be talking about her own writing process. Book sales will be available in the lobby, as well as the opportunity to have copies signed by Orlean.

According to The Cabin, tickets having been selling quickly, but some balcony seating remains available at $28 general, $15 for students.