The Business of Birds

Big Business and Tweak Bird at Neurolux


Last Friday was Metal night at little Gotham City aka the Neurolux. Big Business and Tweak Bird graced the stage that night. BW spoke to lead singer Jared Warren of Big Business /The Melvins to ask him some hard-hitting questions. As an added bonus, we also sat down with the state of Illinois' own Ashton and Caleb of Tweak Bird (who, I might add, blew Big Business out of the water).

Boise Weekly: Who is Big Business comprised of?

Jared Warren: It is myself Jared Warren on bass guitar, Cody Willis on drums and Toshi Kasai on guitar.

How does a Big Business like yourself stay afloat during such economically hard times?

Grip it and rip it.

Who's Big Business' No.1 competitor in the music market?

There are no competitors. Well maybe Madonna or Sting.

Have you ever adopted an African child?

Not yet.

Alright, Jared. How much did you make off the new TGIF's commercial?

(Long sigh.) I'm contractually not allowed to disclose that information. I get free Buffalo wings for life.

Did you know the band The Voodoo Glow Skulls did a commercial for Taco Bell? Supposedly now they get free Taco Bell for life. Which would you rather have: TGIF's or Taco Bell?

You mean for life?


Probably Taco Bell to be honest.

Jared, since you have a history with the band The Melvins. I was wondering if you have ever seen the one man band Thrones. [Joe Preston is an ex-bass guitarist for The Melvins and only member of the band Thrones.]

I have. He's fantastic.

I think I'd describe him more as quantum physics metal.

(Sounds annoyed.) I'd describe him as new age.

Wikipedia describes your music as "stoner sludge metal?" How would you like to respond to that?

I totally disagree.

So you're telling me you are not the one who wrote that on Wikipedia then?

(Sounds really annoyed.) I have no idea who wrote that. Wikipedia is an open forum for any goof ball who wants to write anything they want.

What's Big Business favorite war?

(Laughs.) Favorite war? The war on drugs (cheers from fellow bandmates)—and they lost. Eeeooowwwhhh!

Does Big Business use performance enhancing drugs before they go on stage?

Depends on what your definition of drugs is.


No. Not tonight and not anymore.

What's Big Business's stock quoted at these days?

Higher and higher. Invest now before it's too late.

Are there some sensitive issues involving you and your previous band Karp?

Not really.

Will there ever be a Karp reunion?

(Pauses and looks down at his feet.) Nope.

Where can one find more information on Big Business?

Wikipedia. (Laughs.) It's 90 percent accurate, according to Wikipedia, that is.

Ok then, any last words for the millions of Boiseans who are going to read this?

(Long pause.) No. Don't care.

Then Boise Weekly spoke to Ashton and Caleb of Tweak Bird.

Boise Weekly: How long have you dudes been brothers?

Caleb: Wow, that is a stumper.

Ashton: Twenty-three years. My whole life just about.

How's that working out for you?

Ashton: Not so well. (Everyone laughs.) It's been a long road and I'm not going to take any turns any time soon.

Quickly, what's your favorite dinosaur : Taz or a Tyrannosaurus?

Caleb: Taz is not a dinosaur.

Are you sure about that?

Ashton: I'm going to have to go with Taz.

Caleb:Yeah, me too.

What's your favorite Joe Walsh song?

Ashton: "Funk 49," man. (Both start to sing.) "Out all night, sleep all day / I know where you're going!"

Is it safe to say you're Joe Walsh fans?

(Both at once.)

Ashton: No, no I hate him.

Caleb: Over-hyped.

Why's he over-hyped?

Ashton: Honestly, man, I actually met that guy before because he likes to go to a place I work at. He was pretty nice but as far as his music goes it's kind of like the Eagles.

The Eagles are one of the top three worst bands in my book. (Sublime and Aerosmith are the other two.)

Ashton: Well, I didn't say that about Joe Walsh. You did.

I have no problem going on the record saying I hate the Eagles.

Caleb: Mine would be Social D [Social Distortion].

Ashton: You're going to start a beef.

I know. This is a good thing.

Caleb: I hope we run into those guys.