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The Books Remain

Nampa Public Library keeps its sex books

After all the hullabaloo over sex-related books at the Nampa Public Library, very little has changed. This week, the Nampa Library Board voted to keep The Joy of Gay Sex and other books on the stacks, just a little higher. After a motion to remove the books altogether failed, the board agreed to go ahead and hang on to the scandalous titles. Four of the five board members voted to move the books. In some cases, library officials will be reassigning them new Dewey Decimal codes, so they would be classified as "health" books and not "sociology" books. The keen abilities of nudity-hunting library patrons notwithstanding, officials there hope the shorter aficionadoes of sex guides will no longer be able to reach the books without a tall ladder.

Nampa Mayor Tom Dale, City Councilor Stephen Kren, and Christian activists from in and around Nampa all expressed their hope that the books be banished, to no avail.

In a note to pro-ban supporters, Elysse Barrett wrote, "It is a sad day when decency and protection of our children are called censorship and homophobia." About 50 people attended the meeting, said Karen Ganske, director of the library.

"There's a lot of unhappy people out there," Ganske said.