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The Bond, June 13, The Crux

hip-hop in Boise


Few musical genres are as multifaceted as hip-hop: It is inclusive and exclusive; engaging and alienating; enigmatic and illuminating. It is often a way out of poverty for big-city teens, but is also a form of expression for youth from cities large and small across the globe.

Even Boise, best known for its indie rock exports, has a hip-hop community and we've seen not only more hip-hop shows of late but an upswing in local MCs and beatmakers putting on shows together.

The most recent example of this collaborative trend is The Bond, which brings together locals Eleven, Exit Prose (formerly Timbuk 2, half of the duo that fronted now-defunct Kamphire Collective), Customary, collective Earthlings Entertainment and DJ Jason D for a group show at The Crux in downtown Boise.

And because it's an all-ages show, these local artists may inspire a whole new crop of kids looking for a way to express themselves.