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The Boise Skyline

BW: If you could add one building to the Boise skyline, what would it be?


BW: If you could add one building to the Boise skyline, what would it be?

"I would like to see the convention center get built. Of course, it needs to be well-designed, but I base my opinion on the positive impact it would have on downtown Boise. It would generate more development and allow the downtown core to continue to flourish."

--Bruce Poe, Cole + Poe Architects, PA

"I think it would look a little more 'exoskeletal,' meaning more skeletal-like. Most buildings around town are very heavy-looking or 'endoskeletal,' meaning the bones are inside the skin and not to be seen, using exterior materials such as brick, stone, stucco, etc. This isn't necessarily bad unto itself, although it would be nice to see a little more contrast around town. I think the new Water Center on the corner of Front and Broadway is indicative of this approach."

--Walt Lindgren, Johnson Architects, PC

"It would be located on the east side of Capitol Blvd. to balance the view and approach toward the Capitol. It would be made of concrete, metal and glass, none of which would be brown in color."

--Ted Isbell, CSHQA

"Boise needs to add some geometry to its skyline. I don't think just one building will do that. As buildings go up, if they give more care to the rooftops, it can help create that geometry. The foothills in the background create an interesting skyline, so buildings should just help frame them, too."

--Lindsay Erb, Hummel Architects