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The Blow

Oct. 14, Neurolux



What happens when you try to make acoustic music electronically? It may sound oxymoronic, but finding out is precisely the goal of quirky pop duo The Blow. The group has a tangled history, and what began as the pioneering solo project "Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano" has morphed into a two-woman indie-pop experience blending monologue and music—and its unique performance style will be on display Saturday, Oct. 14, in Boise. The tour was propelled by Brand New Abyss (self-released, 2017), the group's newest album, which is filled with calculated "electroacoustic punk energy" that attempts to capture simple sound in a complex way. Titles like "Dark Cold Magic" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling" preview listeners on how The Blow will manipulate sound waves track to track, creating wind chimes and bass drums pulsing beneath ethereal vocals. If ever a group embodied the phrase "awesome, trailblazing oddness," this is it.

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