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The BLATGOMB (aka, the 'roided BLT)


Ever met anyone who's on the fence about bacon? It's one of those love it or hate it foods, with a small contingency of representatives from a non-committal group of people who both love and hate it at the same time. The self-appointed president of a locally based clan of finicky eaters—many of whom find themselves taking a running leap over the fence when it comes to rashers—recently stumbled upon a sandwich called the bacon melt, and despite its swine-based moniker, I inspired a group of similarly minded coworkers to join me on the bacon-loving side of the fence for a meal. What follows is my report.

La Vie En Rose's bacon melt ($8.95) traces its humble roots to the simple BLT, seeing as how without its fancier accoutrements, the meal breaks down to bacon, lettuce and tomato. But it's accessories that make any staple shine. In the case of the bacon melt, a layer of fresh basil punches through layers of tomato slices, applewood-smoked bacon and green leaf. Fresh, melted mozzarella holds it all together, a subtle smooth layer of avocado juxtaposes the coarse wheat bread, and a sprinkling of green onions adds a little unexpected zest. It's a simple and mild sandwich, not too giant so as to spoil your dinner, but a hearty meal for the cooler weather nonetheless.

La Vie En Rose, 928 W. Main St., 208-331-4045,