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19. Winning Waffles

Fried in a lightly crispy batter that barely clings to the chicken, Fork's fried chicken brunch sliders get most of their crunch from thick, cratered waffles. Served with a side of orange butter blended with floral local honey and a ramekin of balsamic-infused maple syrup, these skewered breakfast buddies are both savory and sweet. They also boast a lovely Southern charm that dissolves as soon as you try to cram one inelegantly into your mouth.

Doro wat at Kibrom's Restaurant. - KELSEY HAWES
  • Kelsey Hawes
  • Doro wat at Kibrom's Restaurant.

20. Dig into Doro Wat

Ethiopian food isn't much to look at—meat and beans simmered into fragrant stews that tend to follow a 1970s color scheme of burnt oranges, deep yellows and avocado greens. Not doro wat, one of the country's classic dishes. The stew is stained a deep red from berbere paste and features two components that give it a leg up: chicken legs and whole eggs. At Kibrom's Restaurant in the Boise International Market, owner Kibrom Milash ladles an egg and a piece of chicken coated in savory red sauce onto a bed of light, spongy injera.

Pollo a la brasa comes from Peru to Kuna via Lima Limon. - JEFFREY C. LOWE
  • Jeffrey C. Lowe
  • Pollo a la brasa comes from Peru to Kuna via Lima Limon.

21. Pollo a la Kuna

Peruvians love to dine out, particularly at pollerias. These spots focus on the Peruvian staple, pollo a la brasa, a spiced, spit-roasted chicken served family-style. If a jaunt to Lima isn't in your future, visit Kuna, instead, where Lima Limon makes an excellent version of the dish. Offered in quarter-, half- or whole-bird portions, the pollo has a crisp, spice-rubbed skin and tender, juicy meat. Served with a side of fries and two creamy, spicy sauces made with aji amarillo peppers, don't forget to order a potent pisco sour to calm the burn.