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The Birds ... 22 of Them

Giant California condors will perch atop the Hitchcock Building (Record Exchange)


Regardless of how important birds are to us, we humans have sadly been the cause of some birds' demise (bye bye, dodo). In some cases, though, we have remembered our responsibility, like with the California condor when the population dropped to 22. The Gymnogyps californianus has since been reintroduced to a few Western states and Mexico, but conservation efforts are still an integral part of its survival. As part of that effort, local artist and Boise Weekly staffer Ellen DeAngelis and the Peregrine Fund World Center for Birds of Prey will unveil a massive installation: 22 life-size California condor silhouettes perched atop the Record Exchange. The 22, which runs through April, will help "bring awareness to Boise's continued conservation efforts."