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The Best of the Best


Like most kids of my generation, born in the late-'70s and early-'80s, I was reared on marketing; slurping down breakfast cereal in a miasma of slogans and jingles was the highlight of my week. Chances are, if we're about the same age, it was the highlight of your week, too.

The impact of all that exposure has been the subject of psycho-social hand-wringing for as long as I can remember, but one benefit of a childhood spent swallowing "calls to action" from the boob tube is that we info-agers have some of the most highly attuned bullshit detectors of all time--at least when it comes to advertising. I can remember, at age 7 or so, watching a commercial for "the best tasting" instant coffee, followed by another claiming to be the "richest in flavor." I asked my mom how that could be, and she was straight up about it: "They're pretty much the same."

Because of that experience, whenever I hear something is "the best" anything, the bullshit detector starts going. It's just that things held up as such so rarely are. One of those rare cases, of course, is Boise Weekly's annual Best of Boise.

Not only is BW's Best of Boise the original best of Boise, it's the best best of Boise among Boise best ofs. Why? Because Boiseans are keen judges of character and they take their town seriously. So do we. That's why we're making sure voters have as long as possible to pore through the meticulously curated categories and record their opinions.

Voting opens for the 2013 Best of Boise Wednesday, July 24, and will run through midnight, Sunday, Sept. 1. You'll have to be patient, though--winners won't be announced until the Wednesday, Sept. 25, edition of BW.

For those who voted last year and found the system cumbersome, rest assured; this year we're moving the contest back to our own website. To vote, you just need to be a registered member on boiseweekly.com and put your mouse-clicking skills to use. Easy.

Standard rules apply: Votes are only accepted for locally owned and operated businesses and organizations, and you have to answer at least 20 questions for your votes to count. If you find yourself needing multiple sessions to get through all the categories, just log off and come back to it later--your progress will be saved.

And don't even try to stuff the ballot. We'll catch you. This isn't Florida.