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The Beer Guys

Keep the party going with booze delivered to your door.


You know you've been there: The sun is shining down on a backyard barbecue as you sway to the tunes of your favorite song, wax nostalgic with your best friends and catch the eye of that guy/girl you've been hoping to talk to all afternoon. You make your way over, amazed at the witty line you've somehow managed to open with and reach into the cooler to grab a couple brews.

But it's empty. Instead of panicking, reach for your phone and dazzle your co-partiers by calling The Beer Guys, veritable booze superheroes.

Matt Blazek is the man behind the business, which started delivering debaucherous supplies to doors on New Year's Eve, thereby keeping people from being dumb drunk drivers. Be it wine, tobacco or beer, Blazek will bring it, as long as said door is in the greater Treasure Valley area. But he's also pretty accommodating and said that with a little notice, he may be able to replace the keg at your in-the-middle-of-nowhere wedding.

Visit and check out the products available for purchase, then call up The Beer Guys to make your purchase with a credit/debit card (no cash or checks are accepted) and ready your ID. All transactions must be completed by 2 a.m., and IDs must match with credit cards.

And under-agers or overly intoxicated patrons beware—Blazek knows his Idaho booze rules, so don't try any funny business.