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The Battle for Sissy Bars


What, praytell, is this town coming to? Can't a man even chill on his beach cruiser's black banana seat, rolling 26-inch rims, leaning back on his "sissy bar" and bumping tunes out of a ghetto blizzity strapped to the handlebars at 3 in the morning anymore?

"Not without getting a serious wedgie," you say.

That makes sense. But to rob the guy of his bike and shoes at gunpoint does seem a tad excessive. At about 2:41 a.m. on Monday morning, a man called police from a convenience store in East Boise, saying that he had been robbed by four dudes in a truck. The man said he had just been rolling along the 2100 block of West Boise Avenue when the pickup, a black Toyota Tacoma, had cut him off. Inside the pickup, the victim said, sat four white men in their 20s, two of whom had long sideburns. One of the men leapt out of the pickup and pointed a gun at our friendly local noisemaker, demanding both his ride and his kicks. He turned them over, and the men drove away.