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The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Oct. 8, Eagle River Pavilion


Time might be spinning away from you. Or the bright, giant clock above the band and their legendary anthems of a more carefree age might make you feel like it is. Call it a metaphor for your younger, wilder days--maybe that's the message the wizards of light and magic (aka the show's producers) are trying to get across. Or maybe they just really like flashy lights.

Hailed as the world's premier Pink Floyd tribute band, longtime fans and newcomers alike are sure to have an out-of-this-world time. The five musicians from Australia know their stuff and are amazing musicians in their own right--and the laser show is spectacular. Supposedly Roger Waters saw TAPFS play Royal Albert Hall in May 2007, and they played for David Gilmour's 50th birthday in 1996. This tells us two things. One, they've been doing this for a while (since 1993, actually), and two, they must be pretty damn good at it.