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The Art of Science and the Science of Art

Thursday, Dec. 5


Few people have disagreed with Isaac Newton and walked away unscathed. In 1810, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe did just that when he published his Theory of Colours, in which he described color in terms of how it's perceived, rather than providing an analytical (Newtonian) treatment of the subject. The work was immediately scorned by physicists--and embraced by artists, philosophers and logicians.

Students at Foothills School of Arts and Sciences will demonstrate the fundamental link between art and science with "The Art of Science and the Science of Art," Thursday, Dec. 5, from 5:30-7:30 p.m., showcasing student projects that tie the two disciplines together.

The event--part of First Thursday--is broken down by grade levels: Seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders compete in "First Lego League," in which they present robots they've programmed. Meanwhile, the fifth- and sixth-graders regale audiences with science and song during "David Bowie Space Oddity," the wrap-up of their studies in the universe and Earth systems.

The Art of Science will display student art and science exploration in the school setting, but the subtext is how students feel about the things they've learned in school. It's an event that shows the paths students take when they're inspired by their new understanding of the world around them. For Foothills students and parents, as well as First Thursday-goers, "The Art of Science" is a chance to experience their sense of wonder.