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The Aquabats, Epoxies and the Phenomenauts


The Aquabats, Epoxies and the Phenomenauts are out on their Teenage Pajamas from Outer Space Tour. Sound like fun? You better believe it. The Phenomenauts mix punk, pop, rock and spaceship sounds to produce some of hippest tunes around. They refer to their shows as "missions" and their fans as "cadets." This time-warped sense of humor and amazing musicianship bring a fresh view to old new wave. Members of the band include Commander Angel Nova on vocals and guitar, Corporal Joe Bot also on vocals and guitar, Major Jimmy Boom beating the drums, Captain Chreehos on stand-up bass and Professor Greg Arius on keys. But, the Phenomenauts are just part of this tour experience.

Supporting the Phenomenauts are the Epoxies, a new wave edgy group that puts the fun in "Man, that was a kick-ass fun show!" The Epoxies are Roxy Epoxy on vocals, Viz Spectrum on guitar, Ray Cathode on drums, FM Static on keys and Shock Diode on bass. Either these cats had the coolest parents in the known universe or they put as much energy into their image as they do their music. Like their Phenome-pals, they blend different sounds to cover several genres.

And then we have the Aquabats. The Aquabats are a group of ska rockers who are as funny as they are talented. According to, the Aquabats are "led by vocalist Christian Jacobs (The Bat Commander)." The band "includes a host of multi-instrumentalists with James Briggs (Jaime the Robot), Courtney Pollack (the Prince of Karate), Adam Diebert (Prince Adam), Chad Larson (Crash McLarson), Travis Barker (the Baron Von Tito), Charles Grey (Ultra Kyu), and Boyd Terry (Catboy).

If you have even the smallest funny bone, the names of the bands and their members alone should be enough to get you out to see this show. And if the humor doesn't pull you in, trust me ... the music will.

$12 in advance, $14 at the door, The Big Easy/Bourbon Street Saloon, 7:30 p.m.