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The Apocalypse Hits Story Story Night

Monday Dec. 31


If the doomsayers were correct, you wouldn't be reading these words; but since you are, do you enjoy telling stories? Are you a fan of full bars?

If you answered yes to both, head to the Rose Room this New Year's Eve for Story Story Night: Apocalypse, a collection of tales and anecdotes about doomsday, Mayan lore and other minutiae tangential to the end of the world.

Topics might include what was packed into a bomb shelter, and why; how to improvise anti-zombie weapons using only a hair brush and a lawn mower blade; and wistful tales of that time when the rivers didn't run red with blood but totally might have.

SSN is known for presenting stories on unusual themes, but the apocalypse may be one of the most chilling yet. After all, this doomsday is no numerological extrapolation from the Book of Revelations: It's an extrapolation from an exotic calendar entry on a particularly exotic calendar.

So if you survived Boise's smokiest summer, holiday shopping and the reset of a Mesoamerican itinerary, you might unwind by dropping by The Rose Room New Year's Eve.

This SSN is a special edition in another way, as well. The Boise story staple raised $6,000 via Kickstarter to cover its expenses as it applies for 501(c)(3) status, merchandise, startup costs and a website redesign. And with Kickstarter campaigns come prizes, including a date night with SSN regulars, two SSN passes and more.