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If your traditional method of commemorating Memorial Day weekend is to erase a few memories through excessive THC ingestion, the sheriffs' departments of Ada and Elmore counties dealt your plans a resounding "tough luck" last week. Both departments made large marijuana busts just prior to the three-day weekend, although truthfully, to say they "made" them is a bit of a stretch, since both stashes basically fell into the departments' respective laps.

Joseph Raub, 26, of Boise gift-wrapped his operation for the authorities last Monday when he called 911 to report that he was having an overdose--though exactly what he thought he was overdosing on has not yet been released. Paramedics examined Raub in his West Bench home and determined that he didn't need any medical treatment. While in the house, however, they noticed the patient's 42 sticky green roommates, several of whom were basking under their own personal heat lamps. The paramedics relayed news of the grove to Ada County sheriffs, who promptly searched the home and found that the legends were true: Here was a treasure trove of high-grade green gold; you know, Oregon aspirin; in Latin: kindus buddus; in Transylvanian: Count Dankula. The chap who lived in this grow house was charged with a felony count of manufacturing marijuana.

The easy pickings continued on Tuesday when a rancher tipped off Elmore County detectives to a big ol' dope orchard he found on federal land 15 miles northwest of the town of Prairie. Sheriff Rick Layher told the Mountain Home News that the operation totaled 5,865 immature plants, as well as a plastic irrigation system that drew water from nearby Rattlesnake Creek. He added that the site appeared to have been abandoned, even though the 200 yards worth of cannabis crops, when mature, would have had a street value of somewhere between $5 million and $10 million.

"I don't think the person(s) who planted all these seedlings were really familiar with the local area because they put it right by a [walking] trail," Layher said.