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That Smoky Time Of Year


Cue the Jaws theme music: the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has deduced the formation of this year's first set of inversions over the Treasure Valley. City officials say the dreaded cloud has begun holding fine particulates in the valley floor. With an air quality index of 82 registered early this week, it's time to ban open burning. At current levels, open burning and wood burning are prohibited in Boise.

In better weather, the air quality index, which is a measure from 1 to 500 gauging how much fine particulates are in the air, tends to be 50 or below. Anything between 50 and 100, city officials say, is "moderate" and triggers some local burn bans. Air Quality Index levels above 100 are worse, and that's when the DEQ thinks anyone with sensitive lungs ought to limit their activity.

Read all about it at DEQ's Web site,