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Friday, Jan. 28, Neurolux


In 2009 the husband and wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore set off to fulfill Riley's lifelong dream of sailing along the Eastern Seaboard for a year. As a result, Cape Dory was born--an EP of songs documenting their maritime adventure.

Moore's ethereal, sweet voice complements Riley's and bandmate James Barone's pop stylings, which are reminiscent of a simpler time in music's history. Think girl groups of the '50s and '60s, mixed with today's sensibilities, written on and about the high seas, and you've got a treasure of a concept album. Just 2,500 nautical miles later, songs such as "Seafarer" and "Take Me Somewhere" reflect the simplicity, serenity and solitude of time spent sailing with only one's best compadre for company.

Tennis plays Neurolux as part of their whirlwind tour before making an appearance at SXSW this spring.