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Teenage Wasteland


"Dear Diary: Everybody hates me today. And it's so stupid. I was trying to call Jenny to ask about the homework in Mr. Donaldson's class, but I accidently called Jimmy instead! Their numbers are right next to each other in my phone book. I know I should have erased it after the way he acted at the homecoming dance. But I just never got around to it. All I did was say 'oops' and hang up. But he star-69'd me and then he told Brenda about it and she told everybody I'm 'making a pathetic attempt to win him back.' Ick. Like I'd ever want him back after he's been with her. I don't know what whore tastes like, but I'm sure it's worse than pickles. Ugh. The only person who understands me is Billy Joel. I hate my life and WANT TO DIE!"

Ever written something similar and want to share? Do you enjoy the warm fuzziness of schadenfreude? Then be sure to hit up Teenage Wasteland at the Cole/Marr Gallery, where any and all are invited to read from their teen diaries and eat their own words to an audience of total strangers. Like, yikes Scoob! It's bound to be ... gloriously awkward.