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Ted Nugent: Love Grenade


I was listening to radio a few weeks back, and this H-Bomb of a rocker came storming out of my stereo in a rage, throttling me back against my kitchen counter and causing a flail of pans, utensils and mangos that hit my linoleum like enemy mortar fire. After the smoke cleared, and following an intensive huddled scan of my perimeter, I was relieved to find my flesh still on the bone.

But just what forces in Hades could have perpetrated such an audible assault? And why did that riff sound like everything that's still awesome about Skid Row?

Well, actually, the origin of such sonic brute force turned out to be emanating from some freak wildlife reserve in a compound miles removed from Detroit ... Rock ... City. And, the combatant charged turned out to be the Motor City Madman, the Great White Buffalo and the lacerating genius behind "Wango Tango," all compressed to form the title track from Ted Nugent's devastating new release, Love Grenade.

Terrible Ted, however much a bastard your politics can turn you into, there is just no rocker with any level of oxygen in their brain as fearless and as secure in their living legend-ness as you. I have never wanted you to go electronic or make an insincere stab at country. Your aim is true and draws the most blood when you stick to just wanting some hot action while rocking the balls off a country that direly needs some getting off of its own. Love Grenade is a slayer.