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Tech N9ne


Tales of finding one's calling through silly coincidence or by complete accident are always more entertaining then the typical M.D. who knew he wanted to be a doctor at the age of eight and never looked back. In 1985, Aaron "Tech N9ne" Yates had a mixture of both experiences. On a dare, Yates picked up a pen and wrote a rhyme. The next day, he went to school and performed his rhyme and swears his life has never been the same since.

Whoever dared Yates should at least be sent an autographed copy of his CD, because the motor-mouthed rapper regularly performs sold out shows from L.A. to New York and is the most requested rapper in his hometown of Kansas City. Tech N9ne has worked with many producers and has written or rapped on songs with Tupac, D12 and Spice One, to name a few. Once in a crew of rappers including Eminem, KRS-1 and Chino XL, featured in King Tech and Sway's "Anthem Song" video, Tech N9ne is currently working on songs for his upcoming Strange Music/MSC release Absolute Power.

With Tech N9ne's flowing vocals and subject matter transcending rap clichés, the progressive production in Absolute Power will likely be mirrored in his live performance at the Big Easy on Wednesday.

The reason behind the album title is due to the response Yates received regarding the "absolute power" of his music to move the soul. "Absolute power is being able to move a sea of people through your words, your beats, your heart. When I would perform 'This Ring,' everybody would light lighters. That's absolute power. That's why I'm on the cover of Absolute Power with me and a gang of people behind me partying. It's absolute power to be able to move those people and give them that energy and they give it right back to you."

Wednesday, 7 p.m., $17.50 ($7.50 to first 100), The Big Easy, 1-800-965-4827,