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Tech N9ne Everready Tour

Tuesday, Jan. 16, The Big Easy


Kansas City is famous for a few things: barbecue, the Chiefs and, soon, speed-rapper Tech N9ne. Known for dark, sometimes violent, sometimes sad, machine-gunned lyrics, Tech has been on the music scene, playing clubs on both coasts and cities in between, for years. He's sold 500,000 albums independently but in the years since his 1999 release, The Calm Before the Storm, he's been both lauded and villainized: some fans have accused him of losing his hardcore edge. But, his new release, Everready (The Religion), will garner Tech some new fans and probably even bring some of the old ones back into the Tech N9ne camp. It's a melange of 24 tracks that includes spoken word, featured guests and an eclectic collection of sounds and beats.

One stand-out track is "Come Gangsta," Tech's response to those who claim he's left his hardcore-rap foundation behind. According to a press release, he states people were telling him his "I was inspired to write about the type of people [who] were telling me to come gangster." "Come Gangsta" contains about 1,000 words, clocks in at over five minutes and is full of strings, bridges, rapping and rhyming, yelling, beautiful singing and a chorus reminiscent of Coolio's melodic, melancholy "Gangster's Paradise."

This show is a rap-stravaganza (that's listed as all ages but there's a parental advisory sticker on Tech N9ne's CD for a reason) and includes the funk-punk-rap of SubNoize Souljaz, the heavy hip-hop of Dead Celebrity Status, Critical Bill's raging rap-rock and the spicy Latino hip-hop stylings of Boise's own Texas T. featuring Mr. Kano.

--Amy Atkins

Tuesday, January16, $19.50, 7:30 p.m., the Big Easy, 416 S. 9th St., 367-1212.