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Tate's Rants

Clear your head


It started out as "somewhat of a joke."

Tyler Blake, 23, of Boise, was stuck behind a slow-moving Tate's Rents truck on his way to work, and, he later wrote, "My brain start[ed] racing like championship NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and I literally saw a physical light bulb appear and illuminate itself (typically this indicates a brilliant idea; which it absolutely was)." The idea: Tate's Rants, "where people can ... complain about each and every one of their ridiculous problems."

With help from high-school friend Nic Van Allen, 24, Blake posted the mission of Tate's Rants, along with some confidence-inspiring photos, on Craigslist.

In the ad, Blake and Van Allen promise to fill the psychological hole left by friends and colleagues who "aren't actually listening to you, they're just aggressively thinking about if the ending to Breaking Bad could have just been a little bit better." Bonus: Payment can come in whatever form the client wishes. Double bonus: They won't offer advice unless asked.

Blake and Van Allen realized their joke was anything but.

"We started getting an overwhelming amount of responses," Blake wrote in an email. "People seem to be simultaneously intrigued and entertained."

Tate's Rants has since set up

"We want to show everyone that we are dedicated to making this work," he added.

Email for a session, which, according to Blake, can happen at "our house, public park, Taco Bell, secret Dumpster... we just want to be there to help."