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Taste the Colors at Palette to Palate

Friday, Sept. 23 at Enso Artspace


Mosaic artist Jason Mecier--dubbed the "macaroni Monet"--crafts intricate celebrity portraits from food. Whether it's Rosie O'Donnell's smirking face made out of chocolate donuts, potato chips, Cheetos and frosted animal cookies, or child stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen crafted out of shiny jellybeans and peppermint candy canes, Mecier only uses food items he associates with the personalities of his subjects.

If you're a lover of food and art who prefers the two to intersect in a less literal manner, head down to Enso Artspace in Garden City for Palette to Palate on Friday, Sept. 23. The event will feature a five-course, local-foods dinner paired with regional wines and served at family style tables in a contemporary art gallery.

Artist Amy Westover, famous for her large-scale public art pieces around Boise, will be on hand to talk about her solo exhibit, Admit One Human. The show features mixed-media sculptures and works on paper that examine the "roller coaster as a point of departure for exploring concepts such as alchemy and chaos theory through the portrayal of abstracted interior and exterior spaces."

Palette to Palate is connected to the Year of Idaho Food.