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Target Practice


"Are you aware that your animals are being shot?"

It's the question posed on an Idaho Humane Society sign posted around Boise's East End that raised even more questions because of its alarming statement.

Turns out the signs stem from an incident two to three weeks ago in which a local cat was shot with a pellet gun. While the cat is fine, the incident was reported to the Humane Society, which in turn posted the alarming signs.

"We do hang up those signs in case it continues happening," said Dee Fugit, Humane Society spokesperson.

In this case, it didn't continue. There are no suspects, but Fugit said the incident was isolated, so neighbors don't need to fear a serial pet killer.

"People do this all the time, and you never know who [did it]," she said.

Fugit said it's standard practice for the Humane Society to post these signs whenever questionable cases are reported.