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Tapes and Tapes in Boise and in Boise

March 7, Neurolux


The name Tapes and Tapes sounds charmingly analog, but the Minneapolis-based band's career has been decidedly digital. The group's lo-fi, self-released debut The Loon, stirred up a swarm of blog buzz in 2006--garnering comparisons to Pavement and The Pixies. In a 2009 interview with BW, vocalist Josh Grier acknowledged the Internet's integral role in the band's initial success.

"We were a band that nobody had heard of. It really helped. Our manager sent out some mp3s to some blogs ... and three or four people really liked it and then things just kind of took off," said Grier. "We had some really good luck and just tried to work hard to make the most out of a good situation."

Though the band's more polished second album Walk It Off (XL Recordings) was a critically panned flop, the foursome have returned to their rough-around-the-edges roots for their most recent release, Outside.