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Taking Refuge in Art

Marilyn Cosho exhibits work that focuses on Asperger Syndrome


Boisean Marilyn Cosho began making collages in the mid-'90s, but never shared them with anyone until after she was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 2006. She describes her work as "falling into two categories: one side deals with themes of the fear and frustration of living with AS and the other side of her work explores a fascination with fairies." Cosho says she seeks honesty in the first category and beauty in the other.

Cosho states that, because most of her work was created before her diagnosis, “fragments of this invisible disability became visible.”

She says she hopes to bring more awareness of AS and that others will identify with her work. Cosho believes, “Everyone has hints of Asperger Syndrome.”

Cosho’s art will be on display Thursday, July 9 and she will host a DVD presentation featuring 56 of her images.

Thursday, July 9, 4-7 p.m., FREE. Idaho Parents Unlimited, 1878 Overland Rd., 208-345-1210.