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Take the SAT: Stickup Artist Test


A criminal quiz: Say you and your buddy just walked into that 7-11 you've been casing, around 4 a.m. on Sunday morning, and you're looking to pull off a nice, easy armed robbery using your lucky handgun. While routinely roughing up the clerk, however, you make the mistake of striking that clerk on the noggin with your gun hand. The suddenly unlucky pistol goes off, and all three of you are left unharmed and slightly soiled next to the hot dog roller.

What would the appropriate course of action be in this case? Here's a hint: It's not, "Pretend nothing happened because you're afraid the clerk will laugh at you." The correct answer, at least on the criminal quiz, is to thank the gods you didn't blow anybody's ear off, including your own, and skedaddle without worrying about getting any money to show for your skidmarks.

Two would-be robbers aced this quiz when they tried to rob the 7-11 on Vista this Monday, July 3. If this story problem sounds similar to any stories you've overheard someone telling recently, call the Boise Police at 343-COPS. (Incidentally, on the police version of this quiz, the correct answer is "Drop your gun, grab a skin mag and a Slurpie and wait around for a person of authority to go over the answers with you.")