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Take a Rockin' Ride Up Warner Drive

Saturday, July 9, KFCH


Los Angeles-based band Warner Drive looks like a punk band, but isn't.

NOFX is vocalist and WD founder Jonathan "Jonny Law" Lawrence Jonah's "favorite band of all time." And WD's new release, K-GO!, got its name from a NOFX song. "But we aren't punk ... we're a rock band with a punk edge," Jonah said.

K-GO! is a tongue-in-cheek concept album about a pirate radio station in which the DJs play whatever the hell they want. Jonah said his band is DIY, refusing to relinquish control to a label, regardless of how lucrative the offer. And WD grew a Boise fanbase by being regulars at 1332's Punk Mondays at Liquid (something, Jonah said, that angered punk purists).

"We write for the masses ... We want as many people as possible listening to our music," Jonah said.

And plenty are. WD packed Hollywood's Roxy Theater recently and WD fans are wildly loyal: a large number of them sport tattoos of the band's logo and members' autographs.

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