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Taj Mahal Returns


When Taj Mahal on Fairview closed recently I shed a tear. Good food. GREAT beer selection. If only it had been closer to BWHQ and my homebase, I'd have gladly taken sole responsibility of keeping it in biz.

Wish granted.

On my way up to The Balcony last week, I was confronted with a giant sign in front of the former Gino's space reading: "Taj Mahal Coming Soon." After a little investigation I discovered it's the very same Taj Mahal that was once a favorite on Fairview Ave.

When I stopped by Monday afternoon the place was in shambles. It's a restaurant still quite clearly in the throes of moving. Even the outside is getting a makeover. Apparently the Venetian masquerade themed mural isn't so well suited to Indian food and a Japanese steak house (which Shige is opening across the way).

As of Tuesday, the owners are waiting for a kitchen hood to arrive and they're hoping for an opening in eight to 10 days. I've been assured it's the same food, a better beer selection and the same very handsome servers.

Now if we can just get them on the BW Card ...