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Taj Mahal and Baguette Deli Open


Taj Mahal Indian restaurant officially reopened a few weeks ago in one of the former Gino's spaces at the corner of Eighth and Idaho on the second floor. The menu made the move from Fairview Avenue essentially as-is, and the beer selection, which has always been an international hop romp, is rumored to be intact. The most important thing for Taj Mahal fans to note is the restaurant's new hours--now closed on Sunday, not Monday. 150 N. Eighth St., 208-473-7200, Open Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Mon.-Thu. 5-10 p.m. and Fri.-Sat. 5-11 p.m.

On Franklin, in the Fred Meyer shopping center at the corner of Orchard, awaits one of the best food finds of the year. A Vietnamese Deli called Baguette Deli opened quietly a few days ago. Eighteen sandwich choices are available, including scrambled egg, pork, beef, chicken, ham, shrimp ... the list goes on. You can get your sandwich built on ciabatta, but the baguette is the real deal, with the most expensive 12-inch sandwich clocking in at a mouth-gaping $4.95. In fact, only four sandwiches on the menu are more than $4. Baguette Deli is officially redefining the term value menu.

Apart from sandwiches, what would a Vietnamese deli be without 1. spring rolls and 2. French pastry? Baguette Deli has both. The former comes in five varieties, the latter in butter croissant and beignets. And we'd be remiss not to mention the crazy smoothie flavors. Strawberry, strawberry banana and pina colada starts things off fruity enough, but then it gets green with avocado and green tea ... and ... taro. Poi is the result of mashed taro, and if you ask Food News, a poi flavored smoothie is ... well, unfortunately poi flavored. We'll be ordering the mango. 5204 W. Franklin Road, 208-336-2989. Open Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sun. 9 a.m.-7 p.m.