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Taggers Pay to Spray


Three local men who were responsible for a rash of unimaginative graffiti last October have all pled guilty and were ordered to pay Boise City a combined $6,596.94 in restitution for the inartistic monstrosities. Keenan C. Calvin, 19, and Jay Patrick O'Leary, 22, both of Boise, and Jared Scott McCusker, 20, of Nampa, were all charged with felony malicious injury to property and sentenced to pay $2,198.98 each. McCusker was also sentenced to think 'bout what he gone and done for 180 days at Cottonwood State Correctional facility.

The graffiti was discovered on the morning of October 28, along a two-mile stretch of the Greenbelt from Parkcenter to the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. After an eruption of citizen tips, the culprits were arrested just hours after the crime was committed. Repairing the damage cost the City of Boise $2,392.60.

But wait, you say, $6,596 in restitution for $2,392 in damages? That's right, the city parks department received some extra money, which will either help repair future graffiti damage, or go into a vandalism reward fund. And no, a vandalism award fund is not a fund for the "Best Vandalism" award ... not that these hacks would need to worry about that anyway.