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Tables Piled High With Bike Parts at Boise Bike Swap

Saturday, Feb. 23


It's that time of year when fantasies start turning toward warm-weather biking. But, alas, your bike might not be in tip-top shape after spending a long winter in your garage.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your hubs, overhaul your entire bike or rid yourself of a clunker that has left a rusty stain on the concrete, the Boise Bike Swap will help get you back on the road.

Search for new and gently used parts to get your bike in good working order and silence the squawking coming from your dry, rusty chain and wobbling wheels, starting at 9 a.m. Friday, Feb. 23, at the Westgate Shopping Center. Admission $3.

Gently used chains, derailleurs and brake setups won't be hard to find. In fact, tables will be piled high with all the cables, gears and metal parts you can dream of.

Looking for parts to soup-up that cruiser or novelty ride for Beerfest? You know where to look.

Anyone looking to get rid of an old bike can pony up $10 and put it in the Bike Corral for prospective buyers to check out.

Getting rid of old parts? Would-be sellers can reserve a table for $30, which includes admission for two, a table and chairs. Registration for sellers ends Thursday, Feb. 21.

This way, not only will your bike be rolling again, but you'll make some space in your garage in the process.