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T Bird and the Breaks Bring The Ass-Shakin' Sound

Feb. 12, Reef


If you want a feel for how the Reef is going to roll on Saturday, Feb. 12, check out the "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" scene in Disney's Aristocats. A feline funk band stomps on a piano until it smashes through the floorboards of a seven-story building and cats spill out into the street playing broken instruments. That's the G-rated version of what to expect at a T Bird and the Breaks concert.

The 10-piece Austin, Texas, soul band brings enough ass-shaking funk to smash through the sturdiest floor. Spearheaded by Tim "T Bird" Crane, T Bird and the Breaks channel old school James Brown and Otis Redding, with finger-snapping female back up vocalists and a swinging brass section to boot.

On the songs "Esmerelda," Crane belts out lines like "Chunky funk comin' outta the trunk / gonna spread the news like stink from a skunk," with horns and high-pitched female harmonies swirling in the background. Talk about breaking it down.