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The upcoming showcase of Boise bands at SXSW is developing and now includes Built to Spill, Finn Riggins and Hillfolk Noir. Youth Lagoon, Le Fleur and The Bret Netson Band are also on the list but are still unconfirmed by SXSW. But they won't be the only Boise bands there. RevoltRevolt announced plans on its website to hit SXSW to play some unofficial showcases with local band Jumping Sharks.

Speaking of Youth Lagoon, work on its new video for the song "July," has just finished. The video will be a sci-fi take on the July 4th, set in the '80s and features special effects by a crew member of the feature film Sin City. Look for it in early 2012.

"July" was directed by local auteur Tyler T. Williams, who received a nod from Pitchfork for creating one of the best videos of 2011--Youth Lagoon's "Montana."

Williams is also rumored to be starting a new music blog that will feature bands performing in found spaces similar to the French site

When Atlanta metalistas Mastodon played in Boise, band members told BW about a recent TV appearance they'd done in the United Kingdom with the decidedly not-metal indie artist Feist. Apparently it worked out well because singer Troy Davis told MTV Canada that the two groups are planning a split 7-inch on which they will cover each other's material. The songs haven't yet been picked for the record, but the release date has: Record Store Day, Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Also in recording news, local teens Working on Fire have somehow managed to find time in between high school classes in high school to record not just one album but their third, Metaphoria. The disc is a 12-song rockfest that will receive a pre-release at The Knitting Factory on Friday, Dec. 16, when the band opens for Hell's Belles, the world's greatest ACDC cover band.

Remember building forts? The best part was deciding who you'd let into your secret refuge. On Dec. 12, the first five artists to be allowed in to the inaugural Treefort Music Fest were announced: Of Montreal (Athens, Ga.), folk-pop group Why? (Bay Area/Cincinnati), Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside (Portland, Ore.), Monster Rally and Rumtum (Cleveland, Ohio) and Boise's sweethearts Built to Spill.

More artists on the lineup will be announced Monday, Dec. 19. Check back at The inaugural festival is slated to take place March 22-25, 2012. A date for ticket sales has yet to be announced.

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