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Swingin' Utters to Teach Boise Youth That Punk Rock Didn't Start in the Mid-90s

Friday, Mar. 8 at The Venue


Though punks have loathed hippies since the birth of the subculture, they both mostly adhered to hippie guru Timothy Leary's edict not to trust anyone older than 30. But that was then. Now, any punk musicians younger than 30 is suspect. Do they even know the Ramones? Or do they think punk began in Southern California in the mid-'90s?

This week, Boise is getting a visit from San Francisco punk royalty Swingin' Utters, which formed to combat the Lycra and neon mascara of the '80s with gritty melodies, raw guitars and the righteous, fist-pumping rage of the working class.

In an interesting twist, this week's Swingin' Utters show is all-ages, so take your kids and get them the punk-rock education they deserve.

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