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Swingin' Utters to Swing Through Boise

Wednesday, Aug. 15 at The Shredder


Swingin' Utters has been rocking the bejeezus out the world since 1987. And though the band has reached iconic punk status in the subsequent decades, it hasn't changed much. It still makes the same straightforward, no B.S. rock 'n' roll that doesn't have to dress itself up in bells, whistles or subgenres.

The band's newest album, 2011's Here, Under Protest, which it claims is its best, dials back the '90s Cal-punk sound to bring out the space between riffs more than on previous records like A Juvenile Product of the Working Class.

Swingin' Utters carries obvious comparisons to bands like The Clash in its gritty vocals, straightforward beats and working class nihilism, but it retains the louder, more compressed sound of more modern punk bands like Rancid and Dropkick Murphys. Though Swingin' Utters recently replaced longtime bassist Spike Slawson, it shows no signs of slowing down and will be hitting Boise this week for a show at The Shredder.