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SweetSpots Dog Ice Cream

Give your dog a delicious summer treat


A dog's day-to-day culinary landscape is pretty bleak. There's kibble for breakfast, kibble for dinner, and if they're lucky, kibble refashioned into a bone shape for a special treat.

But now, in addition to gnawing on occasional scraps of grilled steak, your pup can participate in one of summer's greatest indulgences: ice cream.

SweetSpots is an all-natural frozen ice cream treat made especially for dogs. According to its website: "While dogs have a sweet tooth and love ice cream, human ice cream is not ideal for our canine friends. It is high in refined sugars, contains high levels of lactose, is high in fat and calories, and may contain chocolate or other ingredients potentially toxic to dogs."

Made by Nature's Variety, SweetSpots treats come in two varieties--sweet potato and molasses, and peanut butter and honey--that are 98-percent lactose-free, fortified with whey protein and enriched with live yogurt cultures that help promote digestive health.

"My dogs just loved it," said Zach Jones, manager of Boise Co-op's Pet Shop, which carries the treats. "They just licked and licked and licked until it was gone."

We tested the peanut butter-and-honey treats out on a couple of pups in the Boise Weekly brood and the consensus was universal: They were howling for more.