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Sweatshop Union Tonight

Dec. 16, Reef


When this Canadian collective descended on Boise in 2009, they nearly nudged one another off the tiny Terrapin Station stage as they boom-bapped through their 2008 release Water Street. At seven-members strong, they are once again going to be standing ti-i-i-ight when they hit the not-huge Reef stage on Thursday, Dec. 16.

Since releasing their debut album in 2002, the group has shown true heart for what they do. Both together and individually, they record, collaborate and tour constantly. SU also understand their fans. They know the people who buy their records do so because they want smart rhymes, big bad beats and messages they can connect with.

What's nice about SU playing Reef is that the restaurant/bar/venue has taken the "venue" part seriously (remodeling, redesigning) and developed a real voice. Plus, this show is only $5 and you can get right up close to the stage. That way if Kyprios starts to tumble off, you can be there to catch him.

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