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Suspicious minds want to know


Does this guy look suspicious to you? If so, Boise Police hope you'll drop a dime. They're investigating a number of car break-ins that occurred during a wedding in Kathryn Albertson Park on September 3, but which were only recently reported. According to a department release, victims of the burglaries saw the man pictured "acting suspicious" in the parking lot. He reportedly (and understandably) ran away after he saw a bunch of people in fancy clothes taking pictures of him, and only popped up again when the wedding pictures were developed nearly two months (hmm ... ) later.

Anyone with information about the character is urged to call police. If, however, you are the guy in the picture, and you were just looking in that car's window to make sure you wouldn't have a nose-goblin hanging out as you walked past a bunch of bride's maids ... well, then it sure sucks to be you right now, buddy!