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Suspect Sweats His Way Through Stickup


Bank robbing isn't easy, cousin. Don't let the numbers (17 in Boise this year) fool you. Beside the obvious concern of not getting caught (12 of the 17 robbers couldn't even get over that hump), getting away with a felony raises serious and unexpected issues. Like: Once the deed is done, the cash is stashed and you've given everyone in the bank a scary story to tell at the Christmas table, how much of your stuff must you throw away in order to sufficiently cover your tracks?

Before you snort, imagine this: You're standing in line at Target, getting ready to splurge a smidge of your ill-gotten spoils on a Red Shoe Diaries DVD box set, a three-pack of bikini-cut patterned sport briefs and an Xbox 360. The hot slice of im-tray in line behind you is checking out your an-cay, as hot slices of im-tray are wont to do. Suddenly, as you turn to flash your best Aquafresh grin, she recognizes the Red Bull Sugar Free stain on your right shin.

"(Gasp!) I recognize that stain and that an-cay...You're the guy who robbed the bank I was in last Friday! Eep-eep-eep!"

It could happen. Then again, you'll probably need those pants for your court date.

Perhaps it's no wonder, then, that the robber who knocked over the Key Bank on West State Street last Friday pulled a pair of black sweat pants over his khakis, effectively ruining his casual winter ensemble--which also included a blue sweater and a black beanie--before bailing with an undisclosed amount of cash. The white male adult walked into the bank at 10:12 a.m., at which time witnesses say he demanded money and indicated he had a weapon. Police formed a perimeter around the bank after he left but did not locate the suspect.