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SunnySide Egg Shaper

Your eggs will shine even when the sun can't.


Is your morning routine a little too routine? Does the tedium of a rumbling coffee maker and the clatter of cereal cascading into a bowl make you want to run back to bed and bury your head under the blankets?

Then brighten up the most important meal of the day with the SunnySide egg shaper, designed by Avihai Shurin. The silicon mold forms an egg into a sunny yolk orb peeking out from a fluffy cloud of whites. And according to Monkey Business, the company that sells the gadget, the process is "over easy."

"Just pour the egg into the circle--the egg-yolk stays in the ring and the white flows out to fill the rest of the silicon cast," explains the website.

Monkey Business also includes a number of photo suggestions on how to further embellish your egg landscape. How about broccoli trees, chive grass, potato mountains or radish birds?

And while you're browsing the Monkey Business website, throw a couple of cloud-shaped salt and pepper shakers into your cart to further spice up your morning.