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Sundles Laces Balls


Anti-wolf activist Timothy Sundles, 48, pleaded guilty in a Pocatello courtoom on December 6 to trying to kill endangered wolves with poisoned meatballs. No big surprise there; after all, Sundles published online instructions on the proper way to make and deploy poison meatballs in the sport of endangered-wolf-endangering.

However, when Sundles placed the offending orbs in the Wagonhammer Creek Drainage in the Salmon National Forest in February 2004, according to the Department of Justice, he didn't kill any wolves--or at least, any that investigators could locate. Sundles' aldicarb-laced balls did manage to injure or kill a number of other animals, including a coyote, a fox, several magpies and three domestic dogs, whose $128.90 vet bill Sundles will in all likelihood be ordered to pay. Prosecutors are also expected to ask that Sundles spend at least 30 days in jail and be banned from public lands for two years.