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Sun Valley Wellness Festival

Friday, May 27 through Monday, May 30


Staring at our phones has become more compelling than taking care of ourselves. As a result, people face a spiritual deficit that affects their health, relationships and sense of well being. There's a festival for that: the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. Far from cities where buildings and bright lights blot out the sun and the stars, catch featured speakers like Marianne Williamson, who will talk on spirituality and living miraculously; David Whyte, who will discuss the courageous life; and singer/songwriter Jewel, who will offer parenting tips. Get your yoga on, check out the Experience Hall, try out guided meditation—do it for four days and return rejuvenated to modernity. Day passes are $107, individual events are $25 and up, and, for the full experience—a private reception, Yogi Pre-Funk reception and reserved access to the Sun Valley Pavilion—you can shell out $620.