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Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree

Runs through Sunday, Oct. 20


From Coltrane to Kenny G, jazz blends myriad styles and composers, each with his or her subtle deviations from classic to contemporary.

This year's Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree features the unique character of 40 jazz bands, ranging from swing- to folk-based groups, and performances by more than 200 local and national musicians across the five-day festival.

Music pours out of every corner of town with bars, restaurants, stores and public gathering places serving as venues throughout each day and into the night as fans wander between performances.

In addition to the vast array of jazz music, the Jazz Jamboree also offers free dance lessons taught by professional dancers at the River Run Lodge Thursday, Oct. 17-Saturday, Oct. 19. A series of dance competitions for beginners will take place on Saturday--mostly to prove you were paying attention during the instruction.

The Sunday night finale samples the variety of music heard during the event and kicks off the Afterglow Dinner at 7 p.m. The dinner requires a separate ticket from the rest of the festival, and diners can enjoy--you guessed it--more music from Yve Evans.

Joe Midiri and Terry Myers wrap up the festival with the All Star Big Band Dance, which seems only fitting considering everyone will have mastered the Charleston by then.

If whether you're new to jazz or play in a local bebop group, remember it was Miles Davis who said, "Good music is good, no matter what kind it is."