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Sun Valley Hotels Are Luring Boise Visitors With Gas Vouchers, Special Packages


Sun Valley is less than a three hour drive from Boise, but its reputation as an upscale resort town has often deterred a certain demographic of roadtrippers, who instead may head to McCall or Stanley. Meaghan Lynch, public relations manager for Sun Valley's Limelight Hotel, said her employer has a plan to turn that tide: compensation for gas.

Limelight offers guests up to $50 off their room rates if they can prove they've spent a chunk of change on fuel traveling to the hotel. Along with the discount, participants in the "Fuel Your Trip to Ketchum" program also score free parking.

  • Courtesy The Limelight Hotels
"You present your receipt at the front desk upon arrival, and it just has to be dated up to three days prior and show you spent as much as $50 on gas," Lynch said.

The program is geared at bringing in more vacationers from Boise, particularly millennials who may be intimidated by the town's notoriety as a high-priced haven for celebrities.

"I think we put it at $50 with somewhere like Boise in mind, because it's probably about $25 each way for a two and a half hour trip. So that should just about cover your trip," Lynch said.

The vouchers may not always be available—the hotel's website warns "blackout dates may apply," and Lynch said those would likely kick in at times of high occupancy, like the long weekend of the Sun Valley Film Festival—so check with the hotel before putting rubber to road.

  • Courtesy Sun Valley Resort
In another appeal to Idahoans, Sun Valley Resort offers a "Fall Staycation" package that run through Wednesday, Nov. 21, specifically for Idaho residents. Rooms at the lodge start at just $185 per night, and the deal includes $25 off for up to two people per night on select spa treatments, and what SVR Public Relations and Communications Manager Kelli Lusk called a "Locals Fun Pass," which is good for ice skating, bowling and a movie.

"As Boise grows so quickly, we're seeing a real increase in visitors from that area, and I think it's really important that we focus on the Boise area, on Twin Falls, on all of our drive markets," Lusk said.

Lastly and perhaps most effectively, many of Sun Valley's most popular hotels are dog friendly, a stance pup-loving Boiseans can particularly appreciate. Some, like the Knobb Hill Inn, go a step farther, offering packages aimed specifically at making your furry friend feel at home. Knobb Hill's deal, the "Wagging Tail Escape," includes perks like a doggie travel bowl, a dog treat, a special temporary tag for your dog with the hotel's contact information on it and even an optional matched donation to the local animal shelter in your dog's name. Plus, it promotes its deal with ridiculously cute Facebook posts and tweets—just check out the one below.